Walton offers 100% cash back on TV marking ‘Month of Language’


Walton is offering 100 percent cash back on all models of its LED and smart televisions in February to mark the ‘Month of Language.’
The offer will be continued till the end of this month.
Under this offer, a large number of customers got 100 percent cash back through purchasing the local brand’s televisions in this month.
Besides, customers of Walton televisions are getting cash vouchers of different values while registering their televisions just after the purchase from any Walton plazas or distributors outlets all over the country.
In addition, customers are enjoying free home delivery and 5 to 10 percent discounts on the online purchase of Walton televisions from E-Plaza.
Meanwhile, the local brand also reduced the prices of some models of LED and smart televisions. Prices of Walton 32-inch LED and smart televisions were reduced by Tk 300 to Tk 17,500 and Tk 23,500 respectively.
Walton reduced the prices of its 39-inch and 43-inch smart televisions by Tk 1,000 to Tk 33,900 and Tk 36,900 respectively. Now, prices of Walton 49-inch and 55-inch smart TVs were set at Tk 65,900 and Tk 69,900 respectively.
This year, Walton released two new models of 43-inch televisions. Price of the one of the new models, featured with metal cashing, dolby digital sound, high contrast ratio and slim design, was set at Tk 44,900 while the price of the another new model, featured with next generation quantum dot plus technology’s Spectra QTV set at Tk 65,900.
Walton brand’s smart television is featured with ‘Android 7’ operating system, 1GB RAM and 8GB Built-in memory.
The online customers are enjoying 8 percent discounts on 55 and 49-inch smart TVs and 5 percent discounts on 43,39 and 32-inch smart TVs.
After reducing the prices of LED TVs, Walton set the new prices of 20-inch at Tk 11,900; 24-inch at Tk 12,990; 28-inch at Tk 16,900; 39-inch at Tk 28,900; 43-inch at Tk 33,900; 49-inch at 49,900 and 55-inch at Tk 59,900.
Walton is now offering 6-month replacement warranty for television panel, and two years warranty for panel and spare parts as well as free after sales of services for five years.

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