UK airports set to scrap 100ml liquid limits

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UK airports are set to relax rules on the 100ml liquid limits for cabin luggage and the need to keep them keep separate for scanning. Which is wonderful news for tight bs like me, who refuse to buy minis and end up trying to make the ridiculously teeny hotel freebies last the entire duration of the holiday.
The new rules will also mean that laptops and other electronic devices won’t have to be hastily wrestled out your bag while a tutting and groaning queue of unhappy passengers waits behind you. Amazing.
Thanks to new hi-tech 3D imagining systems, security staff at airports will be able to take a much better look at your luggage using the scanners. The new tech is set to be rolled out to all UK airports by 2022.
The scanners work in a similar way to CT scanners in hospitals and produce a 3D image of what is inside people’s bags. Security staff will be able to zoom in and take a better look at anything that seems suspicious. This means there will be a reduced number of manual bag checks.
The technology is already in use in a number of airports around the world – including Amsterdam Schiphol and Chicago O’Hare.
The new system will cut the time it takes to get through security and even means you’ll be able to pass through with bottles of water or soft drinks.
The 100ml liquid limit was brought in back in 2006 after police uncovered a terrorist plot to blow up as many as ten planes with explosives hidden insides drinks bottles.
Announcing the new rules, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “The equipment will boost the role our airports play in securing the UK’s position as a global hub for trade, tourism and investment.”
While Transport Secretary Grant Shapps added: “The new screening equipment will improve security and make the experience smoother and less stressful for passengers.”
Sounds good to me.
The scanners have already undergone successful trials in London Heathrow Airport and will now be rolled out up and down the country.
Heathrow chief, John Holland-Kaye said: “This technology will make air travel, simple, streamlined and more secure.”
Fantastic – now if they can just work out how European travel will function after 31 October, we’ll be all set.

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