Two dead after light plane crashes in South Australia

Image of a Brumby 610 light plane similar to the one involved in the crash. Source: Brumby Aircraft

A Queensland pilot and his passenger are dead after a light plane crash in remote South Australia.

Aviation Report
The pilot, 59, from Greymare, and his passenger, a woman, 48, from Brisbane, were killed when the Brumby 610 aircraft crashed north of Leigh Creek about 6:30pm on Saturday.
The pair had taken off from William Creek at about 4pm before crashing in scrubland on approach to the Leigh Creek airport, police say.
They had flown over Lake Eyre before stopping to refuel at William Creek, The Advertiser reports.
Two investigators from Recreational Aviation Australia are expected to arrive at Leigh Creek about 9pm on Sunday.
“As you would appreciate given the remoteness of the location this will take some time,” RAA chief executive Michael Linke said in a statement.
“At this stage we have no specifics regarding the aircraft, pilot, passenger or purpose of the flight or cause of the accident.”
An air exclusion zone is in place within a one-kilometre radius of the crash site and up to 1000 feet until at least Monday morning.
The RAA investigation will consider environmental, mechanical and human factors as the investigators work with local police.
South Australian police will prepare a report for the coroner.
RAA represents some 30 per cent of the Australian civil aircraft fleet.
It investigates about 250 aircraft-related incidents per year ranging in severity from very mild issues to serious incidents.

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