Thank you Sir Frank for being a good person

Dear Editor:
I never had the good fortune or pleasure of shaking the hand of Sir Frank Peters or meeting him, but one day I hope to have the good fortune to do so.
I have read about him in glowing terms many times in Weekly Holiday (especially) and in other English-language newspapers. I’ve always admired the work of this dear ‘foreign friend’ of the nation to help the children of Bangladesh for quite some time.
To say he calls ‘spade a spade’ and his remarks are based on honesty, truth and irrefutable logic is a gross understatement.
My son, Abid (14), has been his ardent admirer for the last two years. After reading one of Sir Frank’s honest-to-goodness reports in Weekly Holiday a couple of years back, my wife and I decided to take Abid from a school that subjected him to continuous corporal punishment and we now gladly report we have the happiest child anyone could ever wish for.
We’re absolutely amazed at the change we have eye-witnessed in our son’s behaviour. He’s now Roll No. 3 (he was 42). Sir Frank has helped bring our family closer and happily together again and this we will never forget.
Last week Abid reminded us that May 4 was Sir Frank’s birthday. I searched for his email address to thank him on behalf of my family and to wish him Happy Birthday, but I was unsuccessful.
My family and I are most grateful for what he’s done for us (and no doubt similar families like ours) and wish him a most sincere belated Happy Birthday. May he live long and always in good health.
Thank you Sir Frank Peters for being the good person that you are.
Omar Redoy and Family
Banani, Dhaka
Email: [email protected]

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