Sultana Esrat Jahan rescues an ailing infant

Dear Editor:
Altruism refers to acting for another’s well-being. Good people behave selflessly when they see others in distressed circumstances and feel compassion to help. But in our country there are wealthy people who do not help the needy. Though not a wealthy person, Senior Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Sultana Esrat Jahan came up to recue an infant in Dhaka city.
On July 19, 2019 while she was heading home from Police Headquarters, near the High Court area, her vehicle got stuck in a traffic jam. As she was waiting in front of a signal near Shikkha Bhaban, she saw a man carrying a baby in arms and asking for alms from commuters.
The man was in poor health, while the baby girl, around seven-month-old, had a burnt back and seemed drowsy. Esrat called the man and asked him who the baby belonged to. The man said the child was his. She then tried to get out of the car to ask him further questions. At that point, he fled.
Esrat began chasing him. In her pursuit, she was also helped by the traffic police present. Other law enforcers in the area also joined in. They finally caught and took the man to a nearby police box. Law enforcers then interrogated the man, Jahirul Islam, 40, who kept on saying the baby was his.
ASP Esrat with the help of other law enforcers then took the child to Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH), and admitted her to the children’s ward.Brig Gen AKM Nasiruddin, director of DMCH, said, “The baby was brought in a critical condition. She is suffering from respiratory problems. She has contracted a blood infection due to pneumonia.”
ASP Esrat was still at DMCH while doctors were looking after the baby. She left the hospital around 2am after making sure that the child’s condition was stable.
According to police sources, some beggars either “hire” someone else’s child or “hire out” theirs for begging. There had been cases where some even sold their children, they added.
Thank you ASP Sultana Esrat Jahan for recuing an infant used for begging. Let people learn from your noble act.
Mrs. Momtaj Bilkis
Dhanmondi, Dhaka
Email: [email protected]

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