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Shama’s art takes to enjoyment

Cultural Correspondent
Shama Shaiom’s dazzling art captivates mind while her exotic, beautiful and expressive work takes the viewer to a world of enjoyment.
Serenity and calmness in using colors and in sketches triggers mind into aligned thinking from scattered concept of beauty.
The artist Shama says, “Delicate art and aesthetic are two interrelated words. I in my art works try to build a language of aesthetic.”
This depth concept of Shama and her way of thinking about arts is in no doubt a rare way of sequencing into the array of vast and vibrant works in particular when she thinks about birds and concentrates in floral beauty.
In her paintings the subject matters are mainly that which she finds to be beautiful, cherished and enchanting. Flowers, landscape, still life, seashells, birds and butterflies are commonly seen in her art works that are designed, fashioned and jewel-toned and in striking manner.
Use of colors are soft with a neutral hold up somewhere in the painting. Radiant and fluorescent hues are also found in her paintings. Color harmony and balance is an important element in her work. Compositional emphasize with the use of color is also present in her art.
She uses post impressionistic strokes in her art work. At the outlines of the subject matter is definitive, at times it is illusive and smudged in optical perception. Compositional maturity is a key note of her painting.
Conceptually, her pick is almost always aesthetical. A thing of beauty is an inspiration. She believes in gaining strength from sticking to that which is beautiful. “That which is a joy. And to fight the everyday trauma of life”
As an overview of her art concept, we can say, it is a focus towards the beautiful. To rejoice in beauty and glory of a thing of beauty she tries to depict the beautiful in post impressionistic strokes. On her canvas we see the play of light and shadow, the drama and the nuance and subtlety in radiant colors.

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