Protest demonstration in Dhaka on Kashmir issue

Islamist group holds nationwide demos on Friday

Left party demonstration in Dhaka against Indian move on Kahsmir.

Special Correspondent
The Left Democratic Allinacne (LDA) on Wednesday staged a demonstration in Dhaka protesting against Indian government’s scrapping special status for Kashmir.
Addressing the protest demonstration, left=wing leaders said that it was unfortunate for India to get a communal and fanatic Prime Minister Norendra Modi who had ventured to scrap the special status of Kashmir as enshrined in Indian Secular constitution.
DR MA Samad, the current convenor of the alliance and General Secretary of CPB (Marxist) presided over the meeting.
They warned that if Modi government do not stop blood-shed in Kashmir, the left and progressive forces all over the world would forge a decisive movement against the persecution of Muslims in Indian occupied Kashir
Earlier on Tuesday, the progressive student alliance also staged a demonstration on the campus and brought out a torch procession on Dhaka University campus condemning the MOdi’s move in depriving the Kashmiri people of their inherent rights and privileges
Islami Andolon Bangladesh
Islami Andolon Bangladesh, a major Islamist party also organized a similar rally in front of National, Press Club on Tuesday afternoon. Hundreds of leaders and activists of carrying banners and festoons, joined the demonstration organized by Dhaka city unit of the organisation.
Addressing the protest rally, party Nayebe Amir Syed Faizul Kabir alleged that the Indian government was committing aggression in Kashmir to grasp its only Muslim-majority region more tightly.
He said that with the Monday’s revoking the special status of Kashmir, the Indian government allowed property purchases by non-residents, opening the way for Indians to invest and settle there, just as they can elsewhere in India which was reserved only for Kashmir people.
He said that India had scrapped Kashmir’s special status illegally and feared that Indian government might indulge in conspiracies against Bangladesh.
He announced that the party would arrange protest rallies and processions in all the district headquarters after Jumma prayers on Friday to protest against scrapping Kashmir’s special status.
A procession was brought out after the rally.

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