Khan’s performance–A clap back at Indian Media

Muhammad Serajuddin in Karachi
A constant political struggle of more than 2 decades, leaving behind a deluxe life for the reciprocation of all love and respect people of Pakistan gave to the internationally renowned sportsman Imran Khan, ultimately rendered him victorious in general elections 2018. His efforts were real and people acknowledged his will to gallantly fight for the interest of people against the corruption of two major families holding the political power of the country. A spotless image of being one of the few honest and trustworthy leaders raised the bars of hopes the nation rested with him very high. These expectations made the pressure on his newly formed government evident and the administration challenging. Khan had been burning midnight oil since day one to address primary stability and development project.
Pakistan, since past few decades, hankered a genuine and upright political leadership to run the state matters and lead it in the right direction but due to external propagandas mostly Indian sponsored media houses, corrupt and notorious faces were glorified as capable and truthful leaders ultimately leaving them successful.
The state affairs then performed proved as backstab to the nation’s progress. Pakistan’s development slowed downed as external pressure increased due to mountains of external borrowings. Government and all its major institutions were traumatized by corruption and money laundering of the power brokers further suppressing the country’s growth.
The export narrowed down to non-existent due to ineffectual government policies elevating dollar’s price. The country had been dragged into financial and ethical chaos on purpose to destabilize the state. The enmity of India has always been visible in all havoc rising in the country including terrorism, water crisis, media war etc.
The GEO-JANG group, even alleged Pakistan Army to have sponsored and brought Imran Khan to power through manipulation of results. Pakistan Army always ensures moral support to nationalist elements in the greater interest of the country and as obvious from the by-elections results, where Pandora boxes favored PML(N), the elections proved transparent and rigging-free setting aside all the claims of opposition parties.
Despite all the odds, Khan emerged victorious carrying the nation’s highest expectations on his shoulders. All the Indian investment went drain but their dirty game did not end. They came up with wicked plans in order to hamper the advancement of Pakistan; facilitating major rat-holes for money laundering, funding Pakistani and Indian hostile media houses to highlight petty issues to divert the attention from the real achievement of PTI government and trying to incite distrust among general public against the government. A deep insight of dirty politics by the opposition parties indicates the strings are being pulled from across the border with purpose of weakening the country and hurting national sentiments.
Since Imran Khan assumed the office of Prime Minister, he has been working tirelessly on key challenges the country is facing in the time of grave crisis when the enemy is under immense pressure of hefty debts and corruption. Acute water shortage, sinking exports, swelling interest rate and inflation and dying foreign exchange reserves were benefactions previous government left for PTI. Imran Khan’s and so far the biggest achievement is the harmonization of military, government institutions and judiciary. This alone serves as key attraction to the trust of the outside world due to aligned institutions and opportunities for progress, which became evident from Khan’s successful foreign visits.
PM khan made 8 visits to 6 countries in less than 5 months certainly defining a success of diplomacy. These visits ensured a financial support worth 10 billion USD from Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi with direct foreign investment in various industries. Foreign investors are showing interest, which predict a flourishing economy and close end to financial crisis the country is battling. One major setback to the government was the overshooting dollar’s price, which according to leading economists is suppressed artificially by the previous government through an input of around 7 billion USD into the national exchequer just for the stated reasons. This money was obtained partially from foreign exchange reserves and partly from loans, which indicated a disaster to the economy and the implications is being reaped obviously by the Khan’s government.
Sitting government’s remarkable foreign policy can be gauged by the letter of reconciliation from US President Trump in response to Khan’s retaliation on the remarks Trump made about Pakistan in the previous tweets accusing Pakistan for supporting insurgents and not doing a damn thing in US-led war in Afghanistan. The letter with a request to Imran Khan to facilitate the negotiations with Taliban and to help US make a respectable exit from the region was a proof of Khan’s government stature in the western world.
Premier Khan has taken the initiatives of repairing of damaged roots of the nation with a long sight on issues of core importance. He along with his cabinet has been determined to uproot corruption from the country since day one of their government. His government is taking measures to raise awareness on issues of national importance including resource planning, industrial development, poverty eradication and nationalism. The government realizing the shortage of water and risks it could post in years to come has taken initiative for building new dams and water reservoirs. Government institutions, which were drowning in debt, are starting to heal with effective and meticulous steps giving positive indications.
These indications created unrest and disturbance across the border and they resorted to chicken play. Visible signs appeared in Indian confrontation to the initiative of Kartarpur corridor, a goodwill gesture of Pakistan’s higher command for Indian Sikh community. Indian PM Modi realizing the irrefutable proposition of border corridor tried to play along as a face-saving move following multiple defiant attempts.
It is well perceived that Pakistan is progressing in the very right direction and India must understand that reality as early as possible. Bharat must keep their own house in order than to continue bluffing against Pakistan. India must live and let live.

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