JP embark on leadership feud after Ershad’s death

Raushan Ershad (left), GM Quader (right)

Special Correspondent
Despite the succession of GM Quader as chief of the Jatiya Party (JP-Ershad), the crisis centring the true leadership of the party is far from over, as multiple factions, including a group led by Raushan Ershad, are trying to hold sway over the party rank and file. Many experts predicted that the JP, main opposition in Parliament, would be in serious crisis due to escalation of intra-party feuds following the demise of former president HM Ershad, who breathed his last on July 14 at Combined Military Hospital (CMH). This prediction is turning out to be true with the emegence of new factions.
JP co-chairman Raushan Ershad, widow of Ershad, yesterday said she does not accept GM Quader, brother of Ershad, as chairman of the party.
“The name of GM Quader has been announced as party chairman without consulting party presidium members,” she added.
Raushan was reading from a handwritten press release on Monday night.
“We came to know that GM Quader was declared as the party chairman. But no discussion in this regard was held on our party forum,” she said. As per Article 20(2) of the JP constitution, the acting chairman will carry out his duty in accordance with opinions of the party’s presidium members.
“We hope that the acting chairman doesn’t refute the party constitution and will carry out his duties in line with the party constitution,” said the press release written on the pad of the Parliament deputy leader.
The press release mentions the names of seven MPs and presidium members of the JP. They are: Barrister Abisul Islam Mahmud, Fakhrul Imam, Selim Osman, Liaqat Hossain Khoka, Rowshan Ara Mannan, Nasrin Jahan Ratna, Masuda M Rashid Chowdhury, Mir Abdus Sabur and Prof. Delwar Hossain.
Although this correspondent tried to reach Raushan and the seven, whose names have been mentioned in the release, several times, none of them could be reached over phone.
GM Quader, however, termed the handwritten statement as unacceptable. “The issued statement was handwritten. It’s not acceptable,” he said.
He was talking to the media at the party’s Banani office yesterday.
Claiming that there are no rifts within the party, Quader said they are united in carrying out all political activities.
He also that he is carrying out the duty as the party chairman as per the directions of deceased party founder HM Ershad.
He further said that working for the party is more important than holding any position.
On April 4, Ershad had reinstated Quader as the party’s co-chairman.
On May 4, he announced that Quader would be the chairman of the party in his absence.

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