Injured Titash died because “Ferry Cumilla” waited 3 hours for Addl. Secy.

Dear Editor:
The sad incident happened on July 28, 2019. Titash Ghosh, an injured student of class six, died in an ambulance on a ferry after the vessel waited long three hours at the Kathalbari Ferry Terminal for a senior government high official.
Titash’s uncle Bijoy Ghosh said that they learnt that the ferry would be late as it was waiting for an additional secretary (Addl. Secy.) The ambulance boarded the pontoon and could not turn around or go to another pontoon because of queues of vehicles around it, reported The Daily Star.The family members pleaded to the authorities concerned there to resume the ferry’s operation but to no avail.
Thirteen-year-old Titash Ghosh, a student of Kalia Pilot Secondary School in Narail, was critically injured in a motorbike accident in Narail on, family members said. He was rushed to a hospital in Khulna and kept on life support. A day later, the doctors referred him to Dhaka Medical College Hospital for an emergency operation.
The family with the child in an ambulance was coming to Dhaka and arrived at the Kathalbari Ferry Terminal in Munshiganj around 8:00pm. A ferry called “Ferry Cumilla” was already at the pontoon but it had its gate closed and was not loading vehicles.
Around 11:00pm, the official arrived and the started moving. But alas, Titash died on the ferry, said Bijoy.
The ferry had been waiting for Md Abdus Sabur Mondal, the head of Digital Service and Public Service Innovation Cluster and E-service Implementation Specialist of the Access to Information (a2i) Programme at the Prime Minister’s Office. He said he did not know that a critically-injured patient was kept waiting or that a ferry was kept waiting for him.
Shipping ministry has formed a probe committee to investigate into the death of Titash in an ambulance on a ferry after the vessel allegedly waited three hours at the Kathalbari Ferry Terminal night for a government high official.
Such an act is unacceptable.
Shafiq Adnan Nabil
Neelkhet, Dhaka.

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