Gold prices raised for third time in August
The jewellers in Bangladesh have raised gold prices for the third time in August. And this is the fifth time in one and a half month.
The Bangladesh JewellersSamiti or Bajus on Sunday announced the new prices. The price of 1 Bhori (11.664 grams) of 22-carat gold has been increased by Tk 1,666 to Tk 56,862.The new prices will be effective from Monday, Bajus said.
On Aug 8 and 6, Bajus raised gold prices by up to Tk 1,666 per Bhori in each hike.
The latest is the fourth in the span of a month. On July 24, gold prices were raised at similar rates.
Bajus General Secretary Dilip Kumar Agarwala cited the same reason he had mentioned while raising prices earlier – the rise in gold prices in the international market.
“The prices have hit a 10-year high,” he said.
On July 4, the jewellers raised gold prices by up to Tk 2,000 per Bhori days after a fair where the National Board of Revenue for the first time gave the traders the scope to legalise undeclared and stocked gold and gold ornaments with a payment of Tk 1,000 tax per Bhori.
New gold prices (per Bhori):
22 carat – Tk 56,862, 21 carat – Tk 54,529 , 18 carat – Tk 49,513

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