Exorbitant increase in price of medicines should be stopped

Dear Editor:
The writer is 85 years old retired person who has various medical problems. Daily he takes 14 different medicines—all tablets—to treat his diseases including diabetes, high blood pressure, and prostrate complications, among others, to maintain his health. Yesterday (5th. July) he bought a strip of 10 tablets of one of his medicines. Earlier it was priced at Tk.100 per strip of 10 tablets, but now it is charged Tk.140 for one strip. I think the government should revise the taxation on medicines. If at all it should in in no manner exceed maximum of 5 percent at most. If needed, jewellery and luxury items should be taxed.
We the elderly retired with very limited income have been badly affected! In the interest of the retired and elderly persons this enhanced tax should be excluded for the elderly people.
S.A. Mansoor

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