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Bauls sing for Bangabandhu

Bauls performing songs at Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy on Friday.

Cultural Correspondent
T mark the 15 August killing of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy organized a musical event on Friday titled Bauler KonthheBangabandhu, (Bangabandhu praised in Baul voices).
The event featured 10 songs, written in memory of those killed on August 15, and 10 other songs composed by Lalon, to preach his philosophy. These songs were performed by BaulShafiMondol, TunTun Fakir, Abdul Latif Shah, Samir Baul, Diti Sarkar and Shilpakala Academy baul group.
Shilpakala Academy has been organizing different programs to remember Bangabandhu throughout the month of August. Driday’s event was part of that initiative.
On August 15, 1975, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and his family members were brutally murdered. Ever since, the entire month of August has been observed as a month of mourning.
On the other hand Shilpakala has also been organizing regular events to celebrate and preach the teachings of Fakir Lalon and his philosophy, with the aim to spread them across the entire world.

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