Outbreak of Coronavirus won’t impact Chinese projects here: Envoy

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As fears run high about probable slowdown in Chinese run mega projects in Bangladesh, Ambassador Li Jiming on Wednesday rules out such fear saying there will be no significant impact on implementation of ongoing China-supported mega projects in the country due to outbreak of novel coronavirus.
Ongoing mega projects would continue despite many challenges during this critical time.
He made the observation while briefing the media at Padma Bridge site in the outskirt of the capital. “We believe that China’s large-scale production and operation activities in Bangladesh will not undergo a significant adverse impact due to the outbreak,” he said.
The Chinese Ambassador went on a visit at the main camp of the First Division of CREC Project Management Office of the Padma Bridge Rail Link Project here, to give a detached assessment of the effect of COVID-19 epidemic.
The envoy hoped that Bangladesh and China would continue to work together to effectively complete the remaining work of the China-supported construction projects. Liming said his country will work hand in hand with the government of Bangladesh and with all sections of Bangladesh society to prevent the outbreak of COVID-19.
“It could be said that if China encounters difficulties in economic development, it will directly affect the economic growth of Bangladesh,” he added. He however rules out any such big impact on Bangladesh’s ongoing development.
However, he said it is on Bangladesh’s choice to carry out economic and trade cooperation with China, the envoy said. He said China will always be the most reliable trading partner of Bangladesh. It will also be a firm builder and implementer of major infrastructure projects under te purview of “Belt and Road” connectivity.
Liming said he looks forward that Bangladesh industrial growth and supply chain of China-Bangladesh cooperation will only strengthen not weaken it.
He said during the traditional Chinese Spring Festival, thousands of Chinese employees here did not choose to return to China and reunite with their families but opted to stay here to continue to engage in the construction and production work in Bangladesh.
Therefore, many major projects are still under regular construction without being suspended, the envoy added. He further said so far, the risk of COVID-19 has been raised to very high at a global level by WHO and a series of effective measures have been adopted since the outbreak of COVID-19 epidemic in China.
“The people of Bangladesh are firmly standing by the Chinese people since the outbreak of COVID-19 epidemic”, Liming said. He mentioned Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s letter of condolence to Chinese President Xi Jinping and Dhaka’s donation of various medical and health supplies to the Chinese people at the time of heir need.
These measures deeply touched the Chinese side and reflected the long-term and profound friendship between Chinese and Bangladeshi people, he added.

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