Muslim man breaks fast to donate blood to Hindu

The Indian Express
AS MUSLIMS around the world observe the holy month of Ramzan, a Muslim man in Assam broke his fast to donate blood to a Hindu man . Twenty-six-year-old Pana Ullah Ahmad from Mangaldoi district broke his fast to help a patient in dire need of blood on 14 May last.
Resting after his ‘sehri’ (pre-dawn meal) recently, Ahmad noticed his roommate Tapash Bhagawati was worried about something. Bhagawati, who is part of the Team Humanity — an all-India organisation that links blood donors to patients — had received a call the previous night about a patient who needed two units of O-positive blood. The Assam chapter is headquartered in Jorhat and has a network of 200 active workers, 90000 members and 25,000 regular donors.
However, despite a rigorous search and online appeals, Dhemaji district resident Rajan Gogoi’s family failed to procure donors.
Tapash Bhagawati told Indian Express, “On 5th, I got a call requesting blood. Next morning, I couldn’t find any donors — as I was making numerous calls, my roommate Pana Ullah walked in. Since he was observing Roja, I naturally did not ask him.”
As a result, Ahmad rose to the occasion and decided to donate blood. Upon reaching the hospital, the doctor advised him to break his fast to donate blood.
Before donating blood, Ahmad also reportedly consulted some Maulvis who encouraged him to go ahead and help a fellow man in need, but also advised him to break his fast.
Thus, Ahmad broke his fast, donated blood for a higher cause.
“Roja is a religious belief we choose to follow. My decision came with the realisation that I could always do Roja the next day, but today was the only chance I had to save a person. So I chose to save him,” said Ahmad to the Indian Express.

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