DR Kamal urges for national unity against autocracy

Special Correspondent
Gono Forum President Dr Kamal Hossain has urged people to get united against autocracy and restore healthy politics in the country.
“In an autocratic system, the rule of law and freedom of speech are obliterated while the nation’s progress is hampered due to corruption, plunder and politicization,” he said. Dr Kamal made the remarks while speaking at the meeting of the standing committee of the Gono Forum at the central office of the party on Wednesday
He also said, “Autocracy also destroys the economy, state institutions and civilization. So, we must unite people and forge national unity against autocracy.”
He noted that it is impossible to establish good governance without healthy politics. “As sovereignty of the state belongs to the people and they are the owners of the country, we must have them unite for healthy politics and freeing the nation from the rule of an individual to be ensured,” he added.
Dr Kamal Hossain asked his party colleagues to strengthen their organization at the grassroots level by involving people and identifying their problems. Gono Forum general secretary Dr Reza Kibria, executive presidents Prof Abu Sayeed, Subrata Chowdhury and party MP Mokabbir Khan, among others, spoke at the meeting.

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