Storm in Opposition Alliance


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    Veteran freedom fighter Kader Siddique on Thursday gave an ultimatum that his party Krishak Sramik Janata League (KSJL) will leave the Jatiya Oikya Front by June 8, if the prevailing division and inconsistency among the allies of this political platform are not solved within one month.
    He came up with this announcement in a press conference held at the KSJL Motijheel central party office on Thursday noon.
    Kader Siddique said, “After the election (11th general election), there raised many questions among the countrymen regarding some activities of Oikya Front. The leaders of the alliance failed to do their works in an appropriate way.”
    He also criticised that authorities concerned in the alliance failed to stand besides the deceased and the injured in the violence during the last national election.
    Criticising the 11th national election, Kader Siddique said, “There staged a nasty drama in the name of election on December 30, 2018.”
    Kader also confessed that he got embarrassed and failed to answer about the oath-taking of BNP and Gano Forum MPs-elect, when asked by people.  
    Kader said, “Gano Forum MPs-elect Sultan Mansur and Mokabbir Khan took their oath as parliamentarians despite the Oikya Front rejected the election. Dr Kamal, then, suspended Sultan Mansur and said ‘get out’ to Mokabbir Khan. Later, we saw that Mokabbir Khan also joined Gano Forum national council. People are confused of these all.”
    “Later, five BNP MPs-elect also took their oath as Member of Parliament. This have made people confused,” He added.
    KSJL general secretary Habibur Rahman Talukder, among others, was present at the press conference.
    On November 5, Kader Siddique and his party Krishak Sramik Janata League (KSJL) joined the Jatiya Oikya Front, an anti-Awami League (AL) political alliance led by Dr Kamal Hossain, formed on October 13, 2018 before the 11th parliamentary election.
    AL smells rat in BNP alliance
    Politics of falsehood pursued by the BNP leaders has caused their alliance to fall apart, Awami League Joint General Secretary Mahbub-Ul Alam Hanif has said.
    The BNP will fall apart soon as well, he said.
    The Awami League leader made the remarks during distribution of dry food and monetary help among the victims of cyclone Fani at Dharmapur in Noakhali on Tuesday.
    The BNP launched a falsehood even over steps to tackle the cyclone, he claimed.
    “The BNP leaders have continued to lie as usual. They have accused us of not providing any relief goods,” the Awami League leader said.  
    Bangladesh Jatiya Party, BJP, a long-time ally of the BNP, left the 20-Party alliance on Monday.
    “In reality, the BNP is a party without any political ideology,” said Hanif before adding no party without an ideology can survive.  
    Former agriculture minister Matia Chowdhury was present during the relief distribution.
    “Following the directive of the prime minister, the government as well as the Awami League has come forward to help the cyclone victims. Where are the BNP leaders? Why aren’t you visible?” she said.
    BJP abandons 20-pary
    The Bangladesh Jatiya Party or BJP of Andaleeve Rahman Partho has broken away from the BNP-led 20-party coalition following disagreements over a good number of issues, including the decision to join parliament.
    BJP Chairman Partho made the announcement in Dhaka on Monday evening in protest against the BNP’s decision to follow Dr Kamal Hossain’s Gono Forum, among other reasons.
    “No, we are no longer in the coalition,” Partho told the media.
    He cited three reasons behind the decision to leave the alliance. Firstly, the BNP was paying more attention to the Jatiya Oikya Front alliance led by Gono Forum chief Dr Kamal Hossain, two of whose party’s MPs-elect had also taken oath.
    “(BNP) is doing nothing but expressing solidarity with the 20-Party Alliance’s activities,” Partho lamented.
    Secondly, he said, the BNP has “lost the moral right” to reject the results of the “farcical” elections by joining parliament. He reiterated the allegation of “vote robbery” in the Dec 30 parliamentary polls last year.  
    The BJP chief accused the BNP of not letting its partners in the 20-Party Alliance know about its decision to join parliament.
    Partho took the helm of BJP after the death of the founder, his father Naziur Rahman Manzur in 2008.
    A former MP from Bhola, Partho contested the elections this time as the Oikya Front candidate for the coveted Dhaka-17 seat with the BNP’s paddy sheaf symbol but lost to the Awami League’s Akbar Hossain Pathan Farooque.
    Partho is son-in-law to Sheikh Helal, a cousin of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.
    BNP Hopeful about partho
    However, BNP Senior Joint Secretary Ruhul Kabir Rizvi observes that BJP has left the BNP-led 20-Party alliance in a ‘fit of sulks’ which will be over ‘soon,’.
    “Politics in the country has been going through a bad phase. Some of the allies may become sulky during this phase. This will be over. Especially, the leaders from the bigger ally BNP and others will adopt measures to eliminate it,” Rizvi told the media in a press briefing on Wednesday.
    Rizvi, on the other hand, remarked that the 20-Party alliance was united. “Our united programmes at all levels will be continuing, I can assure you of it,” he said during the press briefing.
    Labour party gives ultimatum
    Chairman of a faction of Bangladesh Labor Party Dr Mustafizur Rahman Iran gave an ultimatum to leave BNP-led 20-party alliance.
    He said that his party will leave the alliance if BNP doesn’t leave Jatiya Oikyafront by May 23.
    Iran confirmed his decision to Banglanews Tuesday (May 7).
    On Monday (May 6) night, Bangladesh Jatiya Party left the BNP-led alliance. 
    Oikayfront has totally failed to reach their objectives and aims. They are working with government agenda. Therefore, BNP should leave leave Oikyafront,” Iran said.
    However, another faction of Bangladesh Labor Party left the BNP-led alliance earlier.
    DL to stay with alliance
    Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) President Col (retd) Oli Ahmad ruled out the rumor that his party is going to leave BNP-led 20-party alliance.
    “LDP is in the 20-party alliance and will be here too. But, some are confusing the people by giving false information about LDP, which is very regretting,” he said.
    He termed “false, fabricated and baseless” the information that LDP will leave the alliance, in a press release issued Wednesday (May 8) night.    
    The LDP president urged the media to abstain from publishing false information.
    Programme on Zia’s death anniversary
    BNP is set to observe a 10-day program, from May 22 to May 31, to mark the 38th death anniversary of its founder late president Ziaur Rahman.  
    Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir announced the program after holding a joint meeting at BNP central office in Nayapaltan Thursday (May 9).
    The programs include lowering the party flag at half-staff at the Nayapaltan office on May 22, placing floral wraths at Ziaur Rahman’s graveyard, providing free treatment to the underprivileged people, and distributing foods and iftar items among the poor. BNP and its front organizations are scheduled to hold discussion in the party offices countrywide. BNP chief Khaleda Zia formed the Four-Party Alliance with the Jamaat-e-Islami, the Jatiya Party and the Islami Oikya Jote in 1997 when the Awami League was in power. When HM Ershad’s Jatiya Party left the coalition before the alliance won the 2001 elections, Manzur formed the BJP and remained in the BNP-led bloc.
    As many as 16 small parties joined the alliance in 2012 and two more later.
    With former prime minister Khaleda in jail and her son and the party’s acting chief Tarique Rahman in exile, the BNP and its allies in the 20-Party coalition had joined the polls this time under the umbrella of the Oikya Front.
    The Oikya Front had rejected the results alleging widespread irregularities in the elections.
    The alliance had said it would not join parliament, but all of its eight victorious candidates except BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir have taken oath.
    After the swearing-in of four BNP MPs on Apr 29, Mirza Fakhrul said they had done so on instructions from Tarique. On Sunday, the BNP secretary general said his party had been wrong about joining parliament but Tarique did the right thing.
    The BNP’s reaction to Partho’s decision to quit the bloc after the dispute over joining parliament was not available immediately.
    Senior BNP leader Nazrul Islam Khan, who works as the coordinator of the 20-Party Alliance, did not take phone calls for comments.


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